Booked an AC installation with us?

Posted on 31 January, 2019 in Booked an AC installation with us?
  • 1.The first call: If you call our office, you will more than likely be speaking with Karen or Tom who have been with us for years and know their stuff! All the right questions will be asked the first time and they will handle your request with ease.
  • 2.Your quote: Our quotes come in two colours – black and white! Everything is easy to read on our quote and there is nothing unexpected. We work on getting your air conditioning quote to you fast and it is usually the owner of our business – Steve Johnstone who completes your quote.
  • 3.Your approval: Once the quote is approved by you, we will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable installation time. This happens as quickly as possible as no one likes being without air conditioning!
  • 4.Your installation: Our technician will have all of your details by using our automated service software and will be in constant contact with you. We can sort out any accessibility issues to your place and will give you an indication of how long the air conditioner installation will take. Once the technician is on site he or she will professionally perform the installation.
  • 5.The clean up: Our customers expect that a tradesperson cleans up after their work. We certainly take pride in our work and do not leave a mess! Everything is put back in place as we found it, area tidied and your new air conditioner is installed.
  • 6.The paperwork: The invoice is sent to you as per our quote and our job here is done! We want to leave our customers with a great experience and feeling cool again! Thanks for reading and to talk to someone about a quote please contact 1800 822 665