Controlling Indoor Allergens

Posted on 10 April, 2019 in Controlling Indoor Allergens

Condensation within your air conditioner can build up, especially in the wet season and this is the beginning of those horrid mold spores. When you turn your air conditioner on, the air quality is diminished and can be quite harmful to your health.

It's worth noting that it isn't just your AC that needs attention here. These other factors can also cause allergies within the home:

* Cockroaches

* Pets and pet hair

* Rooms with a lot of carpet

* Stuffed toys

* Bedding

* Damp areas

* Soft furniture

Reducing humidity assists with the reduction of mold and allergens. A clean air conditioner helps with this but here are some other things you can do:

* Don’t run your showers for a long time before showering.

* Use dehumidifiers to reduce both mold and dust mites.

* Limit yourself to a few house plants.

* Fix all leaks and other causes of damp areas.

* If you see mold on a surface, clean it immediately. Wear a mask and clean the surface each week to keep it from returning.

Follow these steps and you are well on your way to maintaining better health for you and your family. Thanks for reading.