Control the weather with Darwin’s leading air con installer

Posted on 03 April, 2017 in Control the weather with Darwin’s leading air con installer

Let’s face it; Darwin isn’t the coldest place in the world. But it can be. It can be Antarctica if you want it to be. Or London in summer, that’d be quite nice for a change, sort of warm, but keep a coat handy. Or maybe you’d just like Darwin to be a bit more like Sydney – 32C one day, 19C the next! What you need is a good, reliable air conditioning unit to get control over your climate. And a lot of that reliability comes down to the installation.

Nice brand, shame about the placement

That’s the first thing. Even a top shelf air conditioning unit won’t do its job if an inexperienced tech has installed it in the wrong place. UBCool technicians know about paramount air con positioning both inside the room and outside. They make sure your air con unit is installed in the safest, most efficient location so it performs like your own private climate, day in and day out.

No chance of thunder

There’s nothing more annoying than an air con unit that behaves like an approaching storm system all night. UBCool use only the highest quality fixings and installation parts to keep your air con free of shakes and squeaks so you can sleep in cool, breezy peace.

Backed by the leading brands

That’s about as reassuring as it gets. If Australia’s leading air conditioning brands trust us to be their service agent, there’s good reason for you to trust us too. You don’t become a service agent for leading brands overnight. It takes time. It takes experience. It takes proof that we can give you everything those leading brands offer with first class installations. After all, our performance reflects on them. And if they back us, it’s safe to say you can confidently back us too.

Selling the leading brands

Yes, we don’t just install, we stock and sell all the leading brands at our mega store, the Darwin Air Conditioning Warehouse. With UBCool you also get Top End advice about the best unit (or units) for your needs before we install. Pop in for some friendly, expert advice.

Servicing the leading brands

We take the time to optimise every unit we install for peak performance and minimal servicing. You can also rely on us to carry out the routine stuff like clockwork so your unit stays as strong, reliable and quiet as it was when we first installed it.

Honouring the leading warranties

Remember, all reputable air conditioning brands require a qualified technician to install their units or your warranty is as good as a $10 umbrella in a cyclone. All the leading brands back UBCool, which means we can back you with a 5-year installation warranty.

If that’s not enough

Sorry to say it, but if an inexperienced tradesperson tries to install an air conditioning unit in your home, they can do more harm than good. In fact, despite their best intentions, they can leave you with structural damage and an air con unit that isn’t anything close to as wonderful as it says in the brochure.

While you can’t do anything about what’s happening outside, you have total control over what happens inside if you get your optimum climate set up by UBCool professionals. It’s fast, foolproof and you won’t have some newbie scratching their head for three days.

At UBCool, there are no newbies; just the best air con installers under the Darwin sun. And that’s why we’re the leading air conditioning installer in not just Darwin, but the whole Top End.