Improving your home's visual appeal

Posted on 22 January, 2019 in Improving your home's visual appeal

The outdoor unit of an air conditioner, (although essential!) isn’t the most appealing feature of a home. Here are a few ways to hide your air outdoor unit and increase the appeal of your home.

  • 1.Install a portable trellis: These are available from any good, local garden supply shop. You can place a number of crawling plants across the trellis and make a sizable feature out of it. Just make sure to leave enough room for the air conditioner to breathe.
  • 2.Install a vertical garden: These are certainly on trend at the moment and you can make them extra useful by planting herbs in your vertical garden for use in the kitchen.
  • 3.Fence it in: You can install a neat fence around your air conditioners out door unit. There a plenty of options for this, be sure to think about adding a gate for your friendly UB Cool technicians so they can access the AC unit easily!
  • 4.Potted Plants: Large ceramic or terracotta pots with leafy plants can be used to cover an unsightly out door air conditioning unit. Just make sure there is enough space between the pots to allow for proper air flow.
  • 5.Outdoor Privacy Screen: These are available in different styles and colours and can be easily moved by your air conditioning technician.

The most important thing when installing any of the above is to allow for air flow and access for your technician. Manufacturer’s recommend a distance of 1 metre on each side of the air conditioning unit. Thanks for reading!