Regular Maintenance of your Air Conditioner can Increase its Lifespan

Posted on 12 January, 2017 in Regular Maintenance of your Air Conditioner can Increase its Lifespan

Australia's climate is already rather hot, but did you know that Australia is set to get even hotter over the next few decades? According to data from the World Meteorological Organisation, published by the Daily Telegraph, Australia’s climate has been steadily warming since 1910. Daytime maximum temperatures have risen by 0.8°C while overnight minimum temperatures have increased by 1.1°C. By 2030, the average temperature for Darwin is expected to increase by 0.8°C. Without proper cooling systems in place, this translates to thoroughly unbearable times during the warmer months.

Purchasing and installing an air conditioner can be quite a big investment for some. By regularly maintaining the system, you’ll help it run as efficiently as possible, thereby prolonging its lifespan. Every year you get out of your AC is more money in your pocket. We’ve put together a list of common maintenance issues that you need to know about as you seek to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Maintaining your Air Conditioner

Air Flow

Air conditioners need to draw air to function correctly. Visually inspect the unit to make sure there isn’t anything that’s obstructing airflow. Despite changing air filters, the evaporator coil collects dirt over time. This dirt blocks airflow and prevents the coil from properly absorbing heat. It’s thus important to check the coil periodically and to clean it out if required. Also get rid of any foliage that looks like it's in the way of your unit.

Vacuum Air Conditioner Fins

The air conditioning system has fins that get easily damaged or bent. These fins restrict air flow when they bend, so any damage needs to be repaired. To clean and straighten them out, purchase a fin comb and run it through the bent fins. Don’t forget to power-off the air conditioner before you attempt to straighten the fins.

Clean your Filters

One important task you need to accomplish is to replace or clean air conditioner filters. Many homes in Darwin have split systems, which get easily clogged in the process of doing their job. Routine cleaning ensures that the system cools the house properly and runs quietly. This extends the life of your system and prevents it from getting damaged. If you use your air conditioner frequently, you’ll have to replace the filter once a month or once every two months.

Replacing the filter is much cheaper than replacing the whole unit. Ask your AC supplier for filters that match your particular model.

Darwin Wildlife

We share our outdoor areas with many birds, possums and wild creatures who are always looking for places to live. Often, they find the area behind the outside unit an attractive site in which to nest. Wildlife and electronic appliances don’t mix, though. That’s why you ought to protect your unit by encasing it inside a grille or cover.

Inspecting Window Seals

At the onset of the cooling season, inspect the seal that lies between the window frame and the air conditioner for gaps or wear. If the seal is damaged, cool air will escape, making your unit work harder to cool the room. Make sure, therefore, to inspect the seal and replace it if necessary.

Cleaning Drain Ports

If you have a window unit, you’ll have to clean the drain ports when they get clogged. When the drain ports are clogged, water leaks from the system. Blocked drain ports also prevent the unit from decreasing humidity. The result is excess moisture build up. This moisture could end up discolouring your walls or the carpets. Darwin in particular experiences extreme humidity from December to April, so be sure to clean the drain ports once a month during the cooling season, to improve the efficiency of your unit and save money.

It’s also important to ask a licensed technician to take a look at the system once a year. Technicians measure airflow through the evaporator coil, check for coolant leaks, and verify coolant levels. They’ll also examine the electrical components of the system to make sure everything is running properly. If you have any concerns regarding your air conditioning unit, get in touch with the experts at UB COOL Air Conditioning. Whether you need a home or office cooling solution, we’ll find one that will suit your needs and budget.

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Image Source: Pixabay