The importance of customer care

Posted on 17 January, 2019 in The importance of customer care

Throughout our time here in Darwin, we have always remained committed to good customer service. Maintaining constant communication with our clients really does make the difference. You are letting us into your home, so pride ourselves on being trusted to carry out a professional job. Here's a few things that we do to ensure you have a good experience with us:

1. We always keep in constant communication regarding delivery of spare parts, arrival times of the technician to your home and throughout a service or installation process.

2. We explain in simple, easy to understand terms, what needs to be done and why it is recommended to take a certain course of action.

3. We provide 'black and white' quotes. It is easy to be bamboozled by technical information - we don't do that. We keep it simple and to the point. We also ensure that our best price is quoted every time.

4. We clean up after ourselves. This is a very important one! After installing or fixing an air conditioner we pride ourselves on leaving your home clean and your air conditioner working at 100% to keep you cool.

5. We are friendly! From our administration staff to our technicians, we ensure our staff are approachable, kind and helpful. Sure, we understand that everyone has their bad days but we also know that we wouldn't have a business without great staff and amazing customers.