Why does my aircon smell?

Posted on 14 February, 2019 in Why does my aircon smell?

Sometimes when you start up your air conditioner it may smell a little different. In Darwin, our air conditioners are especially susceptible to mould and bacteria build up. When moisture and the correct air temperature come together, we have the perfect atmosphere for mould and bacteria to form.

The solution to this is usually an air conditioner service. We deep clean the coil using an eco friendly anti bacterial solution, we clean the filters, complete an inspection on the entire unit, including a visual inspection of the electrical components. 

Although mould and bacteria is the main cause of an air conditioner that is a "bit on the nose", we have also come across dead lizards, frogs and more, found in the head unit of the air conditioner. This is just another reason why it pays to just lift the front cover of the unit, grab a torch and have a quick look for yourself. 

By servicing your air conditioner this will remove any odours and also improve the efficiency of the unit. 

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