Why is my air con dripping water?

Posted on 17 January, 2019 in Why is my air con dripping water?

Why is my air con dripping water? This is a common issue, especially in tropical conditions. Air conditioners are placed under extreme stress – just recently at 7am it was 32 degrees and 89 % humidity!

The causes of a leaking air conditioner are generally:

1.There may be a crack or a hole in the internal part of the condensate drain.

2. A blocked condensate drain. This may be caused by mould, mildew or foliage blocking the pipe. The water backs up in the pipe and leaks out of the head unit, inside your house. You can help avoid this issue by pouring a small amount of bleach down the pipe.

3. A dirty air filter. If you have a filter filled with dust or mould, this will block the flow of air over the evaporator coil causing it to "ice up" and leak water inside your home.

4. Low refrigerant level. This is when you need to call the professionals. If refrigerant levels are low, this can mean that the evaporator coil can "ice up" similar to the symptoms of having a dirty air filter. It may also mean that there is a leak in the system. A quick pressure check of the system by your UB Cool technician will determine the method of repair.