Warranty Policy

This warranty:

  • Covers the installation of air – conditioning products against all labour and installation defects for a period of sixty months /5 years, from
    the date of installation for the original owner, by UB COOL Pty Ltd technicians or their agents.
  • Only covers the installation if the product was purchased by the original owner from an authorised retailer in Australia.
  • Does not cover replacement parts or labour for the air-conditioner, which are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Does not include any consumables including accessories (remote controls), batteries and/or air filters supplied with the product.
  • Does not cover problems of unsatisfactory performance to the product by any faulty or incorrect external wiring not carried out by UB COOL Pty Ltd technicians or agents, incorrect power supply, voltage fluctuations or electromagnetic interference not originating within the product.
  • The warranty period commences from the date the air conditioner is commissioned.
  • Warranty is only valid once your installation is registered online within 3 months at UBCOOL.com.au. 

This warranty will not apply if:

  • The product case is opened by a person other than a qualified UBCool Pty Ltd employee or agent.
  • The product is damaged by failure to maintain and service the product as per the manufacturer’s recommendation under their warranty. Proof of service history must be produced (every 6 months for commercial and every 12 months for domestic from installation).
  • The product is installed in a in a moveable dwelling, e.g. a boat or caravan.
  • The product is reinstalled during the period of the warranty in a location other than the original location.
  • The product is used for a purpose other than the cooling and heating of air for the physical comfort of humans and must not be run below 22C for extended periods. 

Under this warranty:

  • Where a valid claim is made under this warranty, the installation will be repaired, during normal business working hours.
  • All existing drains not installed by UB COOL are not covered under this warranty.
  • The owner is at all times responsible for the repair of damage caused by improper usage, fire, misuse, abuse, neglect, alterations or negligence, major disasters including floods, lightning strikes, bushfires and earthquakes, vermin or foreign matter entering the installation or product.