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Controlling Indoor Allergens

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In the tropics allergens and mold are constantly trying to compromise your air quality. Here is what you can do to avoid these problems.

Improving your home’s visual appeal

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The outdoor unit of an air conditioner, (although essential!) isn’t the most appealing feature of a home. Here are a few ways to hide your air outdoor unit and increase the appeal of your home.

Save money with the green AC remote

green remote

The green remote is an awesome device that you can use to extend the life of your air conditioner and it helps us to save money! So how does it work:Did you know that an air conditioner running at 18 degrees will use much more energy than one operating at 22 degrees?The life of an air conditioning unit is drastically decreased when continuously run at very high or very low temperates. The Green Remote…

Control the weather with Darwin’s leading air con installer

Let’s face it; Darwin isn’t the coldest place in the world. But it can be. It can be Antarctica if you want it to be. Or London in summer, that’d be quite nice for a change, sort of warm, but keep a coat handy. Or maybe you’d just like Darwin to be a bit more like Sydney – 32C one day, 19C the next!

7 tips to save air conditioning costs in Darwin

It’s a wonderful thing, air conditioning. Press the button and cool air floats through the room even while the temperature and the humidity soar to uncomfortable levels outside. The trouble is that it’s so easy we forget it’s costing money. In fact, AC power costs can account for up to 70% of a home’s energy consumption.