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Why is my air con dripping water?


This is a common occurrence, especially in tropical conditions. Air conditioners are placed under extreme stress – just recently at 7am it was 32 degrees and 89% humidity!

Save money with the green AC remote

green remote

The green remote is an awesome device that you can use to extend the life of your air conditioner and it helps us to save money! So how does it work:Did you know that an air conditioner running at 18 degrees will use much more energy than one operating at 22 degrees?The life of an air conditioning unit is drastically decreased when continuously run at very high or very low temperates. The Green Remote…

Our July 2018 Newsletter

darwin ac technician

Warranty is important with any product that you invest in. In July’s newsletter we are bringing an important upgrade to our warranty process. We talk about the importance of scheduled maintenance and the smart energy grant that is available to all NT residents through the NT Government.

Landlords and Tenants: Top Air Conditioning Tips for Apartments

Keeping cool is a basic human essential in a place like Darwin, particularly in stuffy apartments where there are few windows and limited air flow. In these situations, landlords have a responsibility to provide adequate cooling for their tenants, but there are some things tenants can do, too.

Don’t Kill Your Chill: Simple Steps for Cleaning Your Dirty Air Conditioner

Air conditioning can make the difference between heaven and hell on a hot day, especially during the brutal humidity of the wet season. Productivity can grind to a halt if you are sweltering, let alone the ability to kick back and relax. An air conditioner that runs efficiently is important, not only from a comfort standpoint, but from an environmental and financial standpoint, as well. By ensuring your system is running smoothly, you can enjoy life in comfort, while getting some great energy savings, too.