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The right way to buy air conditioning in Darwin

20 Sep 2016
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Darwin can get quite hot at just about any time of the year, regardless of whether it is the Wet season or the Dry season. When it’s humid late in the year, it can feel even hotter. Because of this, an air conditioning system can work wonders for keeping your home comfortable and cool all year around. With so many options to choose from, including top brands like Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi, just how do you decide which unit is right for your needs? Read on to find out.

Power of the Unit

The amount of power that you need from your air conditioning unit depends on how much space you will need to cool. A general guideline is that you’ll need about 80 watts of power per square metre of space. If you are only cooling one room, like your bedroom, a wall split system will likely be powerful enough. However, if you need to cool an entire four-bedroom house, you may want to consider a ducted system, as multiple wall split units can be quite costly.


Running an air conditioning system uses up a lot of electricity, so you want to make sure that you check the energy star ratings on the units you are considering. Otherwise, you could end up with a sky-high power bill come the end of the month. When evaluating prices on air con units, you’ll need to think about the energy costs over time, not just the up-front installation cost. Luckily, advances in technology have drastically reduced the energy consumption of newer systems.

Noise Level

All air conditioners make noise, so this is another important consideration. You don’t want to have a system that is so loud that you can’t have a normal conversation during dinner. However, at the same time, you don’t want to annoy your neighbours with a system with a noisy outdoor motor. You’ll need to weigh these factors carefully when choosing your air conditioning system.

Reputable Dealer

To ensure that you are getting a fair price and a high-quality product, be sure to shop with a reputable dealer, like UB Cool. We are the leading air conditioning installation and service company in the Darwin area and are highly knowledgeable about all things air con. We can guide you in choosing the most appropriate unit for your home and will provide ongoing maintenance services for the life of your system. Get in touch with us today, or visit our Darwin Airconditioning Warehouse to learn more about our products and services.

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